f exhibitstrips: remote controlled surge protectors
Trade show exhibits need lighting and power — and you need to control that power. exhibitstrips provides that control, allowing you an unlimited number of six-outlet surge protectors that are paired to a frequency-matched remote control. That means you can turn on or off power from anywhere in your booth — making your life easier and saving energy at the same time. With exhibitstrips, you have power in the palm of your hand.

exhibitstrips features:

  • Saves energy and helps protect the environment by reducing standby energy use
  • Increases the life of your electronics and lights by reducing the amount of time your booth is powered on
  • Helps reduce and deter “after hours booth traffic”
  • Compatible with computers and peripherals, lighting and other electronic devices (UL approved)
  • Great for showrooms and offices
  • Available in four different frequencies, allowing use in neighboring booths or separate designated areas
  • Two “always-on” outlets for proprietary equipment
  • (computers, specific lighting, kiosks, etc.)
  • Position of outlets allows for more equipment
    and lighting plug-ins
  • Remote control transmitter (RF) activates
    remote outlets up to a distance of 80 feet
exibitstrips are the only frequency-mached, remote control surge protection solution available, and are available exclusively from exhibitstrips.com.